Friday, February 14, 2014

Poetry Assignment 2/14/2014

This was a repetition exercise. I needed to have repetition in the way lines start and flow, as well as the rhyme scheme. It's so cheesy that it actually kind of makes me sick, but whatever.

I am a mom; my son is my life
I am a woman, and I am a wife
I’m the kisser of knees, and the maker of beds
I’m the reader of bedtime stories, in a pile to be read

I am a writer; words are my art
I am dramatic, and I take things to heart
I’m the drinker of coffee, and the lover of pages
I’m the champion of naps; I can sleep for ages

I am a cuddler; I love to snuggle
I am a student, and I’ve learned to juggle
I’m the giver of hugs and the fixer of toys

I’m the mom who does what she can for her boys


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