Monday, June 30, 2014

A little behind...

I have some reviews to write soon! Corners of the Universe, The Westing Game, and Sundays at Tiffany's. Plus I'm almost done with In the End, so I'll need to write that one too. I was going to write one big review post at the end of the Treesofreverie June Read-a-Thon, but I didn't read as much as I'd planned. So now I'll just write individual reviews. Plus I'm also going to start moving some of my writing stuff pertaining to my book to this blog, and I'm going to start a catalog of the books I have in my personal library.
I'm hoping to read a lot more for July's Read-a-Thon, plus my Children's Lit class is moving into novels so I'll get to read a little bit more toward my Goodreads challenge and toward the next read-a-thon.
I just haven't really felt like reading lately. Too stressed out and tired.
Maybe July will bring us better things and less stress.
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