Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Review: Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher

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Goodreads Plot: Clay Jensen returns home from school to find a mysterious box with his name on it lying on his porch. Inside he discovers thirteen cassette tapes recorded by Hannah Baker, his classmate and crush who committed suicide two weeks earlier. On tape, Hannah explains that there are thirteen reasons why she decided to end her life. Clay is one of them. If he listens, he'll find out how he made the list. Through Hannah and Clay's dual narratives, debut author Jay Asher weaves an intricate and heartrending story of confusion and desperation that will deeply affect teen readers.

My Thoughts: This. Book. This fricking book. I had to take a few days to recover after I read this book. It's really an amazing read. It touches on the important things like bullying, rumors, suicide, and mental illness. The characters were very real, the prose was interesting, and I hung on to every one of Hannah's words in much the same way that Clay did. If you haven't read this book, seriously pick it up and read it. It does have some triggering themes, obviously, but it really is a fantastic read and I'm so glad that I read it. I'm so bad at actually saying how I feel about books but seriously this book was INCREDIBLE. Read it!


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